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Welcome to the Meteorite Museum !!
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The Meteorite Museum, located in Kushimoto Town at the southernmost tip of Japan’s main island, specializes in meteorites and houses the largest collections of meteorites in the country. As of June 1, 2022, the museum possesses a total of approximately 700kg of meteorites, with a collection spanning 122 varieties.

The Kushimoto coastal waters are home to the world’s northernmost group of large coral communities, and as evidenced by its registration under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in November 2005, the region also possesses a rich natural environment. The Yoshino-Kumano National Park region also features the Hashigui-iwa Rocks, a set of over 40 rocky pillars rising up toward the sea from the coast that have been designated by the Japanese government as a national treasure and site of scenic beauty. Amidst this untouched, rich natural environment stands the Meteorite Museum.


The Meteorite Museum aims to build the world’s greatest collection of meteorites, and we hope to become the world’s largest information exchange center for meteorites, which hold clues to unraveling the mysteries of the universe. We also hope to become a venue where space researchers from around the world bring their original research findings to exchange information with others.

Space research benefits of all mankind, and it is our hope that the Meteorite Museum will be able to take part

in this endeavor.

Meteorite Museum


Hideyuki Wada


Meteorite Museum


Hashigui-iwa Rocks

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