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Amorce Meteorite Museum is located at Wakayama prefecture in Japan and we have more than 460 different kinds of meteorites and more than 3500 pieces and more than 730 kg from around the world.


We have 2 display rooms in our museum and we display about 150 meteorites all the time.

The first room is for ordinarily meteorites such as Gibeon meteorites and Campo del Cielo meteorite and the second room is for important meteorites such as Lunar Meteorites and Martian Meteorites and Erg Chech 002 and the other rare meteorites.

Among our many meteorites collection, we love “Erg Chech 002” meteorite and this meteorite is 4.65 billion years old and is believed to the oldest known volcanic rock on Earth.

And still many researches are ongoing.


We will continue adding new collection and we will be the world largest and the most important meteorites museum in our planet.

Collection Numbers

490 kinds meteorites ( 3,655 pieces / 733 kg)

June 3. 2024

New​ Arrival




【Stony Meteorite】



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